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Yes, You Can Refinance Your Car Loan

by Jeff Lakie

Everyone has heard about home refinancing where people replace their original mortgage with a new one. What a lot of consumers haven't heard about is car refinancing and how they can get rid of their original car loan for a better loan elsewhere. Are these offers any good? And, should you consider refinancing your car? Read on and we'll explore what has become one of the fastest growing areas of refinancing on the market.

You purchased your car last year and Ford Credit is financing your Mustang for 60 months at 7.9% interest. Kind of high isn't it? Yes, mostly because at the time of your purchase your credit was fairly new and you had an important ding against your rating.

Today, you ran your credit report and obtained your credit score and your rating is excellent. So, why continue paying an above average rate for financing?

Today, various companies have recognized a long neglected area of refinancing and have decided to fill that gap. What I am talking about is the refinancing of a car loan.

To receive the best possible deal in refinancing, here are some things you should look for:

--No fees for filling out an application. Unlike some personal loans where lenders demand a fee, you shouldn't have to pay a fee to apply for auto refinancing. There are enough companies out there who want your business and won’t charge you a fee for applying,

so consider using them first.

--A competitive rate. Taking into consideration your excellent credit, the rate that you are offered should be better than what you have now. Most new car loans can be had for 5 percent or less; make sure that you get the new car loan rate for the best savings.

--Upon loan approval, authorize the lender to pay off your current loan. You may receive cash back from the original loan, monies you can pocket. Overall, your monthly payments should drop significantly compared to what you were paying.

Don't settle on the first car refinance loan that you see. Get multiple quotes and compare offers to find the one that works best for you. By

refinancing your car loan you could save yourself several hundreds dollars in interest payments perhaps several thousands depending how much you are financing.

Yes, the car refinancing industry is exploding all because savvy consumers just like you are looking elsewhere for their funding.

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