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Refinancing Your Home Equity Loan - How to Refinance a Home Equity Loan

by Carrie Reeder

Refinancing your home equity loan is simple when using online lenders. By comparing loan quotes, you can find the lowest costing refi solution. In addition, you can save time and hassle by completing your application online. In less than two weeks, you can reduce your rates and payments by refinancing your home equity loan.

Refinancing Options For Home Equity Loans

You have a number of options for deciding how to refinance your home equity loan. The simplest method is to just refinance your current home equity loan as a second mortgage.

The other option is to refinance both your first and second mortgages to qualify for lower

rates than if you just refinanced your second mortgage. You also save on closing costs by paying lawyer, appraisal, and other fees just once. In addition, the hassle of multiple applications is eliminated.

However, combining mortgages is not always the best financial choice. In some cases, refinancing separately will get you better rates. You may also save money by having different terms on your mortgages. For example, you may want your first mortgage for 30 years, but your second mortgage for five.

Start By Comparing Numbers

To see real savings on your interest and monthly mortgage payments, ask for loan cost estimates from

lenders. For a quick search, look at the APR to find the lowest costing refi package.

But to get a real sense of your savings, calculate the interest cost on your current home equity loan and potential refi loan. Remember too that there is flexibility with your refinancing. You can shorten your loan to reduce interest or lengthen terms to reduce monthly payments.

Finishing The Refinancing Process

By looking online for your refinancing quotes, you have practically completed your loan application. When you receive a quote, most lenders provide an option to finish the application. This may mean submitting a request online or

completing a form.

Once your refinancing has been approved and loan contract signed, your original loan will be paid off by your lender. You can start enjoying your lower monthly payments in less than two weeks.

View our recommended lenders to refinance your home equity loan online.

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