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Refinance Car Loan - Auto Refinancing Tips

by Carrie Reeder

Qualifying for an auto loan refinance is easy – even with less than perfect credit. Refinancing an auto loan is beneficial for several reasons. Furthermore, finding a lender to manage the refinancing is easy. However, before applying for a refinance, you must meet certain requirements.

Benefits of Refinancing Car Loan

Car buyers refinance automobile loans for various reasons. Primarily, these individuals are hoping to save money on their monthly payments. By refinancing your current auto loan, you obtain a better rate and can either extend or reduce your loan term.

If your credit has improved since the initial

car purchase, a refinance will be in your best interest. Good credit justifies prime auto loan rates. A huge rate reduction on your auto loan will significantly lower your monthly payment.

Car Loan Refinancing Requirements

Unfortunately, you must meet certain requirements to refinance an auto loan. For starters, the value of the vehicle must exceed the amount owed. An upside-down auto loan consists of owing more than a car’s worth. In this case, you cannot refinance the car loan.

If possible, try and reduce the amount owed on the car, and then refinance. This will involve increasing your monthly payments.

Furthermore, refinancing options only apply to vehicles less than five years old. Secondly, the balance owed on the loan must be at least $7500.

How Does the Refinance Process Work?

Refinancing an auto loan is simple. To begin, contact your current lender and request a payoff balance. Next, complete an online application with an auto loan refi company. When applying for a refinance loan, you must include detail information about your vehicle and loan amount. In some cases, you may be asked to include the vehicle identification number on the application. If applying online, approvals are instant.

Selecting an

Auto Loan Refi Lender

Automobile loans must be refinanced through a different lender. Hence, you should devote some time and energy to comparing lender rates and offers. Do not accept the first offer received. A hasty decision may cost you more money. Instead, request online quotes from three to four lenders, and carefully review offers. Pick the lender that offers the most savings.

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