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Interest Only Loan Refinance

by Eric Morris

Refinancing of interest only loans simply means swapping one loan for another. It is an effective way to decrease the debt on existing loans. This is especially beneficial if the current interest rates are lower than the interest rates you are presently paying on the loan. Refinancing would enable you to convert your high interest debt into a low interest debt, as the amount of monthly payment would decrease. The extra money saved can be reinvested in something more lucrative like real estate or shares, or to pay off high-interest debts like credit cards. Refinancing is also done for converting an adjustable rate mortgage into a fixed rate mortgage. Refinancing has become so common in recent years that almost three quarters of

new mortgages were refinanced loans in 2003.

Refinancing of interest only loans is very attractive, especially when the time comes for the loan to get amortized. That means the loan will have to be repaid at the current interest rate, along with the principle. Most people seek to refinance their interest only loan in order to buy more time, i.e. to delay the repayment of the principle further. However, this may also increase the risk on the loan, since the interest rates may go up further, the price of the house may come down or the economy may slump in the future.

Refinancing of interest only loans is ideal for people who are expecting huge capital gains in the next few years or are planning to sell their house by the

time the interest-only period is over. This is a good alternative as long as the economy is good, the interest rates are steady and the prices of houses are increasing. Interest only refinancing is recommended for people who have irregular incomes like commissions or bonuses or those who are expecting a hike in their income in the coming years. The savings accrued from refinancing can also be used for home improvement, which will increase the value of the home in the future.

A few questions to be considered while refinancing are: how long do you expect to stay in the house? How much equity do you have in the house? Will you have to pay points for getting a low rate from the refinance? What would be the closing costs? Will

the lower payments from the refinance enable you to cover the closing costs, points (if any) and the fees reasonably?

There are several lenders who are offering refinance options for interest only loans. The Internet is a good source for getting information about these offers and also to find out more about interest only loan refinance.

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