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Bad Credit Auto Loan Refinance - How to Refinance an Auto Loan

by Carrie Reeder

The majority of people refinance an auto loan to acquire a lower interest rate or shorten the length of a loan. However, if you have bad credit, getting a low rate auto refinance may be challenging. For the most part, lenders only offer prime rates to prime applicants. In other words, if your credit rating is good, the likelihood of getting a good refi loan is high. Yet, with a little searching and effort, you can secure a decent auto loan with poor credit

Purpose of Refinancing an Auto Loan

Those unfamiliar with the car buying process may accept a bad loan. A common problem involves an initial loan with a high interest rate. On average, a good

credit applicant can expect an auto loan interest rate at approximately 6%, maybe less. If you recently filed bankruptcy, the interest rate may soar to 18%.

At first, you may have few options. Nonetheless, as time passes, you may qualify for a lower rate. While obtaining prime rates with bad credit is unlikely, it is possible to acquire an interest rate two or three percentage points above the norm.

How to Refinance an Auto Loan with Poor Credit

Before beginning the refi process, you should review your credit report. Your credit may have improved since you acquired the initial car loan. If so, you may qualify for comparably low rates. If your

credit has not improved, refinancing is still worth the effort. Another lender may offer a lower rate, which could reduce your monthly payments.

If you are not in a hurry, take some time and resolve credit issues. Little maneuvers like settling past due accounts and reducing debts can make a huge difference.

Auto loans must be refinanced through a different lender. There are several lenders to choose between. If possible, take advantage of the internet. The key to acquiring a good refi loan is comparing different offers. Thus, it may be useful to work with an online auto loan broker. Upon completing an online application, the broker will email you with

quotes from potential lenders. If the lender quotes are unacceptable, consider re-applying with a co-borrower. This tactic may help you obtain a good refinancing loan offer. Of course, the co-borrower must have good credit for you to qualify for a low rate.

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